1. Carry out experiential teaching-learning programs both in the classroom and field laboratory for agriculture, forestry, and food technology students;
  2. Package and produce instructional materials and engage into partnership with other agencies to reinforce the teaching-learning process;
  3. Integrate entrepreneurial and contextual technology showcases into the teaching-learning modules in agriculture, forestry, and food processing;
  4. Ensure the delivery of high quality instruction through the provision of appropriate learning environment, implementation of a sound and continuing faculty development and quality assurance programs;
  5. Implement in-campus and on-farm research programs and projects consistent with, and supportive of, the RDE agenda of the University, province, and the region;
  6. Package and commercialize appropriate technologies in agriculture, forestry, and food processing;
  7. Provide technical assistance to various clients in the agriculture, forestry and food processing sectors;
  8. Establish technology demonstration farms and modules in partnership with the local government units and non-government organizations;
  9. Package and implement relevant training programs in collaboration with the local government units, community and non-government organizations;
  10. Implement profitable business enterprises integrating agriculture, forestry, and food technologies that will also serve as venues for student training; and
  11. Engage in feasible business enterprises in partnership with local and foreign sectors.
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