College of Agriculture & Forestry (CAF)

           1. Agriculture and Natural Resources Journal


           2. Agriculture and Food Journal


           3. The Open Agriculture Journal


           4. Agriculture Journal


College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

           1. Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy


           2. Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy


           3. The Open Psychology Journal


           4. International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology


College of Business & Management (CBM)

           1. Business and Economics Journal


           2. Economies: Journal of Development Economics and Macroeconomics


           3. Economics


College of Education (COE)

           1. Education Resources Information Center


College of Veterinary medicine

           1. International Journal of Applied research in Veterinary medicine (2001-present)


           2. Journal of Veterinary medicine (2013-present)


           3. RCVS Knowledge- Open access and free access resources


College of Engineering and Technology

           1. UP College of Engineering Library


           2. Research in Agricultural Engineering


           3. Journal of Information technology - Springer


           4. Journal of Information Technology- Open access at Nature research


General Knowledge

           1. Directory of Open Access Books


           2. Best Philippine Short Stories




           4. Southeast Asia Digital Library


           5. Philippine Online Journals


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