The College of Engineering and Technology started as a Department offering the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering curriculum in 1967. When the Tarlac College of Technology-College of Agriculture was converted into Tarlac College of Agriculture in 1974, the Department was elevated into Institute of Engineering. Upon the conversion of the Tarlac College of Agriculture into Tarlac Agricultural University on May 10, 2016, the Institute of Engineering was renamed College of Engineering and Technology.

The College of Engineering and Technology that used to offer BS in Agricultural Engineering degree only expanded in 1987 when it started to offer General Engineering Course leading to the other BS Engineering course and the Associate in Geodetic Engineering, BS Geodetic Engineering major in Soil and Water Management and Farm Machinery was added. The latest additions in the curricular offerings of the College are BS in Information Technology (2004), Certificate in Office Management (2005), and Certificate in Computer Hardware Technician (2005).

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