The College of Business and Management, formerly known as the Institute of Business and Management, is the youngest College of the University. It seeks to provide its students business and management training in order to develop world-trained leaders in business and administrative fields.The program Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship was first offered under Institute of Arts and Sciences in 1994 along with its other program offerings. Upon the issuance of CMO 17 series of 2005, AB Entrepreneurship was then converted into Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship in 2009. The Institute also offered Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) major in Business Management in 2003. With the implementation of the CMO 29 series of 2006, the Institute changed its program major from Business Management to Human Resource Development Management in 2008.

The influx of the students enrolled in both programs and the growing demand for Business Courses paved way to the establishment of the Institute of Business and Management on July 29, 2011. From then, the Institute focused on its initiatives and strategies to effectively contribute to sustainable agriculture, livelihood, manpower and employment generation, as well as to strengthen its capabilities in promoting sustainable business and management.

Right after the conversion of the Tarlac College of Agriculture (TCA) into Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) on May 10, 2016, in November of the same year, the Institute of Business and Management (IBM) officially became the College of Business and Management (CBM) which is currently headed by its first College Dean, Dr. Silverio Ramon DC. Salunson.

In pursuit of its mandate of providing sustainable development, the College envisions to offer additional programs such as Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management, Bachelor of Science in AgriEcoTourism Management and additional majors under its BSBA program namely Operations Management, Financial Management and Marketing Management.

With the collaborative efforts of its stakeholders, the College of Business and Management incessantly commits in producing high-calibre graduates willing and able to compete in the international arena as a response to the call for ASEAN Integration.

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